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The Realme 8 has a futuristic design and a split screen. Its dual screens feature a mix of illusion and reality. Unlike other mobile devices, the Realme 8 has a split screen that makes it easier to see what’s going on in the room. The phone also has a built-in speaker. This is a new feature that will give you the same experience as a desktop. But it is important to note that this feature won’t work in all locations.

The 4G version of the Realme 8 ditches the 5G and is available in a range of colors.  realme 8 While the display has a high contrast ratio, the camera module is not as sharp as the selfie camera, which makes the device shaky. However, the Realme 8 does feature a larger battery than the previous model. The real-time display is a big plus for this model. Besides this, it also features a fingerprint scanner. The dual-sim feature makes it easy to unlock the phone.

Realme 8 is a great smartphone. Its 16 MP Selfie camera is the best available. Its AI Portrait feature allows users to make the selfies they want in the dark or in the light. The Super AMOLED display of the phone enhances the viewing experience. You can change the angle of the camera by tilting it. The front-facing camera can also be tilted so that you can capture a beautiful night-time view.

The Realme 8 has a great battery backup, even with its quad camera. It has a dual-speaker system and has a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED Full-screen display. The smartphone’s finger-print sensor was nearly eighty percent accurate and did not stutter during my testing. Despite the lack of stereo speakers, the camera is a big plus for this smartphone. You can play all your favorite games with the Realme 8.

Besides being very slim, the Realme 8 has a 60-Hz refresh rate. The smartphone has a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen. It is the thinnest 5G smartphone on the market. Its display has an 8.5-mm body and has a pixel density of 411 ppi. Its battery is remarkably powerful, with the help of a fast micro-USB connector.

While the Realme 8 isn’t as svelte as the Note 8, it has a good amount of other advantages. The primary camera is 64-megapixel, and the secondary camera is a 16-megapixel camera. The dual-speaker system has the ability to handle videos of various formats. The screen also has an optical zoom. The rear cameras can support 1080p video. The realme app market has an extra 8-megapixel lens.

The main disadvantage of the Realme 8 is that its screen isn’t that great. It lacks a 120-Hz refresh rate. It has a low-resolution screen with a small scanning area. The back of the Realme is made of plastic. Its screen is not as good as the Realme Pro. The phone has a 5.2-inch AMOLED display. The display is not as bright as the Pro.