Dating Women – Nice, But, Manly Things to Do When Dating Women

Dating women isn’t that difficult experience after all. But, there is an issue most guys will face: how can they be nice to women in a manly way. Because if you do the usual nice things, she will run away from you. These are the nicest things to can do to a woman in a mature confident manner. Dating women may appear to be tricky and full of mysteries to men. I assure you, it’s not.

Guys think this because they simply don’t know what to do with women, or they do things that don’t really work. The most stupid thing a guy will do with a woman is being nice to her. Being nice isn’t a bad thing, it’s great, but when it comes to women, it doesn’t work. This is why you are going to need these efficient ways to being nice with women the confident way.

· The first nice thing you can do when dating women is being funny.

Yes, being funny with women is a very nice thing. Women appreciate a funny guy more than anything in the world. In fact, a very attractive woman once confessed to me that she would spend her whole life with a broke, average looking but funny guy rather than staying one minute with a gorgeous millionaire boring guy.

Being funny is the most wonderful thing you can do to a woman. It will demonstrate love, appreciation, caring and desire with a mature, confident way. However, there is a real problem with being funny!

Most guys aren’t funny, or even worse, they are funny the wrong way. If you aren’t funny or you are funny the wrong way, don’t panic, there are some solutions. In the past, I used to be a very dull boring person. All I could talk about to women were scientific e experiments and reproductive systems of rats.

No wonder I couldn’t get any dates. Then it all changed in the last years when I started to become really funny. xxx

My secret method is:

Watching and listening to stand up comedians like Chris Rock and the late Bill Hicks, socializing with funny people. And the best of the best, controlling my facial expressions.

I learned two things:

What will make a man laugh won’t necessarily make a woman laugh, by this I mean telling jokes. It’s all in the way you say it, I can tell a woman the most boring thing on earth yet make her laugh. It’s all in the facial expressions.

· The second nice thing you can do when dating women is romancing her.

Romance may look like a great tool to give women appreciation, however, I assure you, it’s a terrible tool that will result in her hating you. Yes, it’s the truth; women don’t like romantic guys, in the first dates. You can romance her as much as you want when you are in a long-term relationship with her, but when it comes to dating, don’t do it, or at least do it the right way.